Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victim of fraud!

WOW, where to start on this.  Yesterday was by far one of the scariest moments in my entire 38 years of life.  Sadly, I have been a victim of fraud.  I was working on my computer when I recieved a voice mail message on my cell phone.  The man who left a message spoke very threatening, and loud.  He explained that I needed to have my lawyer, or myself call right now, as he yelled into my voice mail, and that if I didn't call all he could do was wish me good luck.  I have to say the instant I heard that my heart began pounding, and my hands started shaking.  I was beyond scared, but had no idea why.

What I will say  is these people are good at being evil.  They are truly good at the venom they spew.  It's a sad reality that we have to be victims to this.  So basically what happend was I called this number, and though I now see the signs they were completely fake, I didn't see them at all when it was initially happening, because I was scared.  A man got on the phone and asked me to not interrupt him while he read me the affidavit against me.  He began telling me, while using technical terms that on Thursday I would be arrested and held in jail until the following Monday where I would go to court, and when I was found guilty for "check fraud" and stealing money from American Cash/PayDay Loans I would be held responsible for $5484.87 and in addition to that would be responsible for court and lawyer fees totaling upwards of 8 to 9000.00.  Then they asked me to give them my lawyers number.  WHICH was my first mistake.  I should have done that immediately, but I was scared, and wasn't thinking.  So I start screaming at this man and asking him what I have done, and he asks me why I was so ignorant that I did not know what I had done!  I said well to start because I haven't done anything, and I did not take a loan out EVER! So he then begins to tell me maybe someone stole my information but that the Federal Government had been monitoring me on my email, and they gave me my correct email address, they gave me my correct social security number.  They had just about ALL of my personal information.  So after me screaming at them for a few minutes they tell me as long as I have never been arrested, or held for a criminal activity they would settle this with me with an OOCR "out of court restitution".  So they gave me to another woman.  I am so uspet and shaking at this point I am thinking what the hell is going on here.  I start screaming at her too, she interrupts me and says that this supposed loan company put $791.23 into my account and when they tried to get their payment back they couldn't.  So they were suing me for check fraud, and other charges I didn't understand.  So I tell her no one has ever put money in my account, whats the account number.  She gives me my personal account number!  Now I'm freaking out.  I ask her how to settle this in the supposed OOCR, she tells me to go to walmart and get a green dot money card for the amount and call them back in a half an hour and their lawyers were working on my case and would settle this out of court, and would fax me all the paperwork.  As soon as she said go to walmart and get a green dot money card, she failed, and I knew it was fraud immediately. That's when all the other signs I had missed started to come clear to me.  For example the continued need to put me on pause, the reading of the claims they supposedly said I was being charged for were read quickly, and I could hear things that made no sense.  Though her name was Erika Burkens, she had a very thick accent.  Though the mans name was Travis, he too had an extrememly thick accent.  When I first called and said someone left me a message to call this number she asked me what phone number they called!  That should have been my first clue! I gave her my cell number and it took her several minutes to find me.  It was ridiculous.  She claimed she had PROOF they put money into my account.  I should have known that was not true, but again I was scared, and they were so mean and aggressive it was believable.  I should have known that even had I gotten a loan from someone they wouldn't have just called me and said the company wishes to have me arrested rather than settle financially, yet when pushed they decide to accept the payment.  There were so many things they said that didn't add up.

I told her ok I'll go get that green dot card and call you back.  I asked who to call and at what number, she told me the same number and her name which was Erika Burkens.  I hung up and cried my eyes out, b/c I knew I had to calm down to get through this.  I called my husband, who was more annoyed than anything, but I also don't think he realized what I was a victim of just yet.  His irritated tone calmed me down, and though it wasn't what I wanted to hear from him, it got me back to reality so that I could calm myself down and call my lawyer.  I called the lawyer and the secretary asked me what was wrong, and I started bawling my eyes out and said that some company said I stole money and she interrupted me and asked me if they said this, and if they said that and I said YES YES! They did! She said calm down, it's ok you are not going to jail, but you are a victim of fraud.  She explained what I had to do, and she explained that it happend to her, and she told me what they did, and how good they are at it, and that is how they steal your money.  Because most people will just go pay them even though they aren't guilty b/c they scare you into thinking you have done something, and they take your 800.00 and then they disappear, OR they keep victimizing you over and over.  I had to call my bank and close my bank account, I had to report my social security number to the social security administration, and I have to change my cell phone number.  When I didn't call them back they called my cell phone every 2 minutes and left me very threatening, harassing messages. 

The reason I am sharing this, is because I want you all to know what to look for.  Do not let them scare you, and do not let them take your money!  When I googled this company hundreds of other victims names and stories came up.  They are getting away with this every single day, and taking innocent peoples money!  One day they will mess up, but in the mean time they are violating us over and over again.  I feel so violated, and vulnerable it's hard to explain.  They claimed they had proof money was given to me, and even though I was going through my account as I spoke to them and could see that this had never happend I still believed them!  I was almost going to get them this money to stop me from going to jail.  I believed them for an hour.  I was victimized, and thankfully it didn't go too far, but their are others who it has, and they have had money stolen. 

I hope that someone else see's this message and this helps you.  I hope that you will not have to go through any of this, but if you do, know that this is a HUGE illegal scam and their are things you can do to report them.  One day they will mess up, they will vicitmize the wrong person one time and they will crack this.  Someday they will be arrested, and put in jail themselves.  But until theanm we have to protect ourselves. 

I have learned a huge lesson, and in many ways I know this will teach me something valuable someday.  Though right now I just feel sad, and hurt I know it will help me with something else in the future, and I will be damned if I stop telling this so that other people can hear my story and do not go through any of it, and especially so no one gives them a dime of their money!  These people are pigs, criminals that don't care about anyone but themselves, and they will keep stealing from innocent people until someone stops them!

Many blessings to all of you!! Feel free to share my story if you think this will help!
Much love!

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  1. Oh how very scary!!! And how unbelievable that they can get away with it!