Friday, February 17, 2012

Annelyse Rose

Annelyse Rose, my sweet, loving 7 year old daughter.  How lucky I am to have her.  There is so much I could say about her.  Her character is one of the most wonderful things about her.  She is kind, loving, and cares about everyone.  She wants to make you feel better if you are sad, and has done so since she was a baby.  I wasn't supposed to be pregnant when I did conceive her.  I had just miscarried 2 months prior, and I don't even think I was supposed to be sexually active yet.  I had been told at my follow up appointment from the surgery after my miscarriage, that I was pregnant!  It was also a huge surprise that she was a girl.  My husbands family is all boys.  Several generations of boys.  So when we found out it was a girl, I at first didn't believe it!  To my excitement it was true. 

Even her delivery was easy, it took only a half a push to bring her into this world.  The rest of the work getting here she did on her own.  My sweet baby girl.  She slept 11 hours her first night home!  I had no idea how much a baby could sleep, as I had 3 months of sleepless nights with her brothers entry into our world.  It's funny because when my son Kevin was a baby his first 3 months were very hard, as far as sleeping, and eating went.  We later discovered he has G.E.R.D but until then he literally was awake for 3 months.  I remember calling my mother and bawling my eyes out I was so terrified something was really wrong with him.  She always handled me very calmly on my many calls of hysterics.  When Annelyse came home and slept 11 hours the first night, my husband and I both woke up the next morning, after only an hour or so of sleep and thought OMG is something wrong with her?? My first instinct being to call my mother, she calmly answered my question by telling me that what Ms. Anna was doing was NORMAL!  So that was that, and we went on our way with our beautiful new member to our family.

Annelyse is sensitive, and caring, and smart.  She's beautiful, and eloquent, and silly.  She's vibrant, sassy, and funny.  She's everything you would want in a child.  I still look at her with amazement and complete awe that she is all mine.  When people see us out and about they almost always remark that she looks like me. Though I'm not nearly as pretty as she is, she always smiles and says yes I know.  When we went trick or treating this year, we went to my old neighborhood where I grew up.  Every single person that came to the door, said the same thing when they saw her.  WOW You look just like your Mommy!  By the third house she was nodding yes, and finishing there sentence before they got many words out!  She's just precious.

My favorite thing about Annelyse is that she is a healer.  She will lay her hands on you when she sees you are struggling, and will talk softly to you, in hopes to make you forget what it was that was troubling you.  I believe that she was brought here to heal Mommy's heart after the miscarriage, and now it's bubbling over onto the others she comes in contact with.  She sees things in people that others don't.  That I don't, as her mother.  She sees all good things in all people.  She loves with all of her heart.   I worry she is going to get hurt alot in her life because some people can be mean.  I was really surprised to see how mean some children can be, as early as kindergarten.  It makes me very angry.  She's already had her little heart broken from girl friends who use her friendship for their own good.   I want to just wrap her in a bubble and protect her, but of course that isn't possible.   I try to talk to her and explain that some people are just that way, and that we should just pray for them.  I'd rather go to their Mothers and give them a huge talking too, but I don't think that is the answer either.

The most wonderful thing about being a mother, is to see the new things your child can bring to your world every single day.  My children are bright, and fascinating, and I am just beside myself with what they have to offer this world.  I do believe with all of my heart that Annelyse is going to make a huge impact on this world, and she's going to do it with her caring, loving, amazing huge heart. 

That my friends is my introduction to my daughter, Annelyse Rose.  The loveliest princess in all of my world.  I am thoroughly enjoying being her mother, and learning from her, probably more then I will ever teach her. 

I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday.

God Bless!!

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