Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pretty Pictures

For Christmas one of my gifts were a beautiful new camera.  I'd been dying to get my hands on a new one, and my husband gave me a beautiful Sony.  I had some difficulty figuring out the settings, and had many pictures where the person looked to be wearing a very bright shade of red lipstick, and blush.  Not so good.  Finally after many trials and errors, I think I have got it down.  YAY!  The kids let me be photographer while they were playing the last two days outside, and I am really excited with the outcome.  I wanted to share some of my favorites from them. 

My Sweet girl.  Always so patient with Mommy when she has the camera stuck in her face, no matter how long!  I just love this shot.  It captures her deep, amazing amber eyes, and her sweet smile.  She lights up my life this girl. <3<3

Love, LoVE, LOVE the way this came out.  Sometimes when he smiles for pictures, it looks forced.  He gets really sweet, and shy just as you raise the camera.  I found a small, though, not something to be proud of trick that I now use, which I think I'll keep secret for now, that as soon as I use this trick, it causes sheer, natural laughter.  So I will take that for sure.  I just  adore his smile, and the sparkle in his beautiful eyes.  He's my little knight in shining armor.  <3<3

My little movie star!  This picture reminds me of James Dean.  He was not posing, or caring at all that I had a camera out, he was just going about his business, playing and being happy.  I got this shot just before he jumped off the last porch step.  Totally unexpected shot, that I am madly in love with!! <3<3

I just adore this.  She's giving me one of her sweet looks, even though I imagine she's thinking oh goodness Ma! Not another close up!! LOL!! My little princess!! <3 <3

Aww my little bug-a-roo not so happy with all the smiling I'm making him do!!  I love this picture, it's totally real, and I love that I captured one small moment.  Don't worry, next click he was laughing at Mommy's silly words she was saying.  <3<3

I love when I can catch them just being natural.  Totally unaware of the camera.  He was watching our dog Coco chase after his sister and brother. 

Though I could easily put up most of our pictures from the day, I will not over load you.  LOL  Just one last of my sweety puppy Coco.  As soon as I saw this shot I fell madly in love with it.  She is so stinken cute!  She was in a dead run for the kids.   It is pure joy to watch them all play together.  My sister said Coco should be wearing a pink cape and a diamond studded collar in this picture.  LOL I absolutely agree!  It would fit her personality too.  She sassy, yet very sensitive! 

I hope that you are all having a perfect end to your day today.  I am off to tuck in 3 little monsters, and and tell an adventerous story before they fall off to dreamland. 

God Bless!!!

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