Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow Day

Yesterday we finally had a "good" snow storm!  About 6 inches fell.  It was so pretty!  The kids are LOVING IT!  We have a crazy hill in our yard.  It's absolutely insane actually.  I can barely watch them when it's really good sledding out, because they go so fast.  They have so much fun, and really enjoy it.  My oldest was getting so bummed out that there was no snow this year.  He felt very cheated that it was "cold for no reason".  Anyway, they had their first snow day of the year yesterday as well, which is so un-characteristic for us. 

The snow packed really well, and they made a snowman family.  I was quite impressed with their skills!  They had no help from me at all.  They used carrots and blueberries to make the faces.  Our dog Coco sat right next to the snowmen and caught all blueberries that fell.  It was hilarious watching them!  They got so mad at her.  I couldn't stop laughing, I had no idea dogs even ate blueberries!!  She just kept on sitting there, and they kept getting madder and madder at her!  Finally I brought her in to end their torture, and they were able to finish them.  I took some pictures, which you will see below.

Here's Ayden with his snowman.  They all made a snowman replica of themselves.  So cute they are!!

Kevin's snowman version of himself.  I don't like the way some of the pics came out because of lighting.  It was raining by the time they finished.  I think they still look super cute though!  I love how the snowmen came out.  They were very cute making them.

Anna bananas snowman.  They had so much fun! It was so fun watching them, and taking pictures.  They were just full of life and happiness!

I love how the house looks in the snow.  It reminds me of a painting, or post card.  It's so beautiful with the brown, against the white of the snow.  <3

We had a great day, and they have been playing outside most of today as well.  It's alot colder today though, so they only stay for a half an hour at a time.  They are going to be nice and tuckered out by tonight just from getting in and out of their snow suits all day!  LOL

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  1. Wow- you certainly do have a very postcardish home!! So beautiful and serene.

    We haven't had any snow to speak of here in central Indiana- it has made for one boring winter! Although almost March, I am still hoping for at least one big snow storm. But I might be the only one : )