Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finally Snow!

The weather here in New York has been completely off.  I can not remember any other winter in my 37 years that we didn't have any snow.  Today we finally had an actual snow storm, and it was really nice to see.  I actually love winter.  Not having the usual weather this year has me feeling off.  It just doesn't seem right.  Plus I really enjoy when I can send the kids out in the snow to play, and they get completely exhausted from all the activity!  They look so cute when they come in, snow drenched, red rosy cheeks, sparkly eyes.  They've all been complaining that it's been cold for absolutely no good reason, and they are not pleased.  LOL  The one advantage is we have alot of snow days built up, and  we are getting extended weekends, and holidays for the next few months.  This weekend they will actually have five days off, to use up a snow day.

The down side of todays snow storm, is that I had to walk to the bus stop in it.  My husband and I have been sharing a car since October, scratch that, my husband has been using MY car since October, and I am lucky to get a ride on the days I have to work.  He will tell you we are sharing, and he is utterly inconvenienced, but I'm still not sure what planet he's living on that he thinks that way.  He gets the car, it's that simple.  I miss my car.  I really like it.  It's a suburban, typical bus type vehicle, but it's perfect for me, and I was always very proud of it!  Plus it is equipped with a tv, my beautiful car babysitter! LOL Anyway, I digress, we live in a very quiet, rural area, and the bus stop is a half a mile away.  Our driveway, which I'll show you in a picture so you can get the full extent of the walk, is 1200ft, straight up hill.  Most people call it the goat path, and usually in the winter, no one will come anywhere near it.  It can be quite treaterous.   So anyway, it was storming, and I had to get the kids off the bus, and walk them back, that's the tricky part.  I was so worried because the roads were really slippery, and I was terrified that a car would slip in the road, and hit one of us.  Oh gosh I cringe even now after we've been back home safely for hours.  It just wasn't fun, the kids however didn't mind at all.  The snow packed really, really well, so they had a great time launching snowballs at eachother the entire way home.

Here are some pictures of the walk.... and our first long awaited snow storm...

These are some shots I took with my phone on the way down.  The second pic is our home, my pride and joy.  My husband and I built it together with our family.  It's a pretty amazing thing building your own home from the ground up.  I can still look around and remember each step, each ding in the wood, each process that we took, as if it all happened just yesterday.  I love my home, the taxes are really outrageous though, so that may end up being a reason to sell.  Until then however, I'm just going to keep on being in love with it.  :) The last picture is the actual bus stop.  It gives me a bit of a chuckle to say that, as most people would probably not envision that as a "bus stop".  None the less it is, and we have had some wild adventures these past few months walking to and from.

Well I guess that is about it for my excitement today.  My neice is spending the night, she comes here after school, and my sister was unable to get here to pick her up tonight because the roads were so bad.  My children have no problem with that what so ever, they are all close in age, and madly in love with eachother.  They play, and laugh like no tomorrow.  It's the greatest thing in my opinion.  To have such a close relationship with your cousins. 
I wish you all a marvelous night!!

God Bless!!

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