Thursday, March 8, 2012

Capturing a moment

I took this picture one day when the kids and I were walking home from the bus stop.  It is our driveway about half way up.  We are surrounded by 16 acres of woods.  It was taken on my cell phone.  I'm a fan of landscape pictures, and dramatic black and whites.  Photography is something I use as an outlet.  There is nothing I like more than finding beauty in a moment you would normally pass by.  With pictures you can capture any single moment, and have it forever.  It's profound for me.  When things are hard, and I am down, I pick up my camera and look at my world through the lens.  It helps me focus on the small things, and those small things, have helped me overcome some really bad days.

My children are very good about having a camera in their face most of the time.  LOL Especially my daughter.  God love her, that child is so patient with her Mamma.   I am pretty sure all 3 of my children's first word was "CHEEEEEESE".  I love that.  I love how they could be busy playing, or talking, and just doing their thing, and if Mommy brings the camera around they stop and look and pose!  It's just the cutest!

I'm starting to slowly rise out of my depression.  I've been feeling much, much better, and more positive.  If anything I was feeling overwhelmed with guilt that I wasn't being the best mother I could be, by worrying, and being down so much.  I don't want them to feel stress while my husband and I are struggling financially.  I want their lives to just go on as normal, carefree, and as it should be for a child.  They have helped me to wake up a bit and get out of this.  Just seeing them, and hearing about their days, the smiles they give when they see me.  For now, I'm just relishing the small moments.  The little bits and pieces of my day that make me smile.  It's helping me out tremendously!!!! 

On another note, my kids can be so funny.   Sometimes the things that fly out of their mouths leaves me in shock, or complete hysterics!!  It's really interesting how they perceive certain situations, and how they are learning to handle themselves as they mature.  My daughter, for the most part she is extremely giving, kind just full of love that girl.  Every once in a while though, especially when she is over tired she gets a bit moody.  She has these big giant dark eyes, and when she rolls them, it looks especially funny because they are normally so dark, so when she gets a rolling them she looks wacky!  She came home yesterday and I was in the kitchen preparing dinner.  She said " Ya know Mom, I'm about done with these boys in school, I mean what is wrong with them".  I chuckled and asked her what had happened "Well nothing in particular they are just kind of stinky, and they think things like boogers and eating them is funny"  Her words exactly!  I said "Well actually, it is probably going to get worse as you get older, they can do some pretty gross things from what I remember when I was in school"  She looked at me with this look of shear horror!  "What? What do you mean it's going to get worse?  Mom! Do you mean they never start smelling better?"  I about lost it after that!!!  LOL My daughter and the stinky boys!! LOL  Gotta love the honesty, and there ability to make you crack up in the middle of nowhere!!! One thing for sure, I don't think I will ever have to worry about her speaking her peace, and not taking much bull from anyone!  That's a great feeling.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, blessed day today!!!  May you see beauty in all the small moments as you go through you day.

God Bless!

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