Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gloomy Saturday

What a gray, gloomy day it is!  The 3 monsters woke up extra early this morning!  The husband has been working over nights at his brothers pizza restaurant, as they are remodeling.  So he goes in from 9pm to 6am, then gets a few hours of sleep.  We live in a log cabin, and my husband had this amazing idea (note sarcasm) to make the upstairs, which is also where our bedroom is, all open.  So there is a half wall separating my room, from the house.  I don't even have to tell you the uncomfortable situations that can make do I?  LOL Didn't think so!  The other down side to it, is that when one wants to nap during the day, you pretty much have to put plugs in your ears, as well as two pillows on top of your head so you can block some of the noise out.  They have finally quieted down now, but it took a few hours!  They have been playing with these guns they constructed out of blocks for days.  Ayd has a problem holding his, because he makes them so long, they just keep falling apart.  After the forty fifth or so loud crash to the floor, and his fond exclamations, I finally convinced him to make a much smaller gun!! Phew!  So hopefully the husband is able to get some rest.  Or else, I'll have 4 cranky pants running about the house soon! 

Last night was a bit of a bad night for us.  The husband has also been doing some work for a beautiful farm down the road from us.  They have beautiful horses, and ponies, and a few other animals that you get to feed.  The kids LOVE it when he takes them there.  Last evening he was supposed to go down and do some finish work for a floor he poured, but the man called and said that one of the horses was in labor so he couldn't go.  The husband asked if there was any chance the kids could come and see the horse and her baby, and they happily said yes!  We were all so excited, I could hardly contain myself. 

However, when we pulled up I saw the vet van parked out front, and told the husband he better go check first, because I had a bad feeling.  Thank GOD for mothers intuition, because it was not a good outcome.  In fact, it was almost horror story quality.  I felt so awful, and sad, my stomach hurt for the rest of the night.  When the husband got back in the car, he just gave me the nod, and we quickly pulled away.  Of course the kids started to cry and ask why we were leaving, so I simply said the baby had to go to Heaven.  They took it  pretty well, and discussed who the baby horse was going to see when she got there.  They were very cute.  My oldest Kevin, had the hardest time, as well as Mommy.  The two of us just looked out the window and had our cry for the sweet baby horse that couldn't stay, and her Mommy who had to be broken from that. 
After my husband told me about what had happened, and believe me it's good that I'm sparing you the details, I got to thinking, how sometimes life can be so awful, and the things we have to witness are so scary.  He said the ranch hands had to do something very, very awful, and they were grown men standing in the stall just crying, and crying with their heads down.  The younger of the 2 men told my husband it was one of the worst things he has ever had to do.  I said a prayer for all of them, and the horse.  I'm so sad for her, and her baby.  I just hope that she feels ok, and somehow understands. 

So after all of that, we went to taco bell, and came home.  It was a pretty quiet night.   We all went to bed early, which I guess is why we all got up so early.  Today is going to be a lazy day.  I think I'll edit the rest of the pictures from our snow day last week, and make a new header for my blog for Spring.

Wishing you all a happy Saturday!!!


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