Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pulling my hair out

It's only 9am and already I've had two wrestling matches to break up, an "I hate my Life" statement to deal with, a spilled bowl of mini wheats all over the living room floor, I've said shhhh let Daddy sleep he just got home from work 67 times, make that 68, already cleaned two rooms, took down two tents that were ungracefully constructed on the TV, had to go on a search for the dog because when you don't see her or hear her that means she's found a treasure in one of the rooms and I will have to go doggy mouth digging gag, had to make 2 pots of coffee because the first went cold before I could take one sip, swept up the coffee grinds after I so gracefully dropped them (that is one of the most annoying things to me, especially when they get wet and you can't pick them up LOL) went through 8 AA batteries in hopes that the toys they were going in would occupy them just a while longer....PHEW I suppose there is more that happened, but I think you get the idea.

Here we go again with another reason why I hate the half wall in my bedroom.  WHAT was the husband thinking???? Clearly he wasn't thinking we'd have any kids... Yeah he was thinking that, but when it came time to actually construct that WALL I had little Kevin in the oven already.  He must have been envisioning the quietest of life for us.  That makes me laugh out loud!  Since he's been remodeling his brothers pizza shop he works from 830pm to 7am.  I have the worst time sleeping when he's not here because I hear every single solitary sound and jump, or have to look down the first floor stairs 20 times an hour.  I'm not usually afraid, well atleast I thought I wasn't, but clearly I'm a big chicken!  It used to help having Montana, and it does help having Coco, even though Coco is only 10 pounds, she barks at the first sound of a car in the driveway so I know I would be warned if anyone ever did come here. 

Anyway, so the deal is I try to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep.  He usually sleeps until 12 noon, then he has to go do the other jobs he has.  He can't possibly be sleeping today.  There is no way he has been able to sleep through this.  I just can't wait for this job to be done.  There are so many reasons why, but the main one is I would like my family back.  I'm a huge freak for routine.  I like to keep things the same for the most part, it really helps me keep things from going haywire with a family of 5.  I would like my husband back.  I only see him for maybe 20 minutes to an hour tops.  He looks awful, and feels awful.  He's extremely cranky and miserable, and he's just not himself at all.  I would like to let my kids play and be kids on the weekends especially after a long school week rather than sit here and say shhhh Daddy's sleeping over and over until my eyes pop out of my head.  It's stressful for all of us, and it's making the kids on edge, and do things they wouldn't normally do.  They are completely at eachothers throats now, which to an extent they have always been the type of kids to bicker and get on eachothers nerves.  Usually they will fall into a good session of playing but there is usually always some type of riff between them going on at some point in the day.  I'm sure they will out grow that, but lately they have been really getting at eachother, and I strongly believe it's the stress they are feeling from the situations around them with Mommy and Daddy.......sigh

My sister in law invited us over to her house for a movie night, and she invited the kids to sleep over.  I'm not sure I feel ok with leaving all 3 of them there though.  She's never had them all at once, and she's never had them for more then an hour and that was over 2 years ago.  She now has a one year old, and I am alittle worried about letting them stay the night.  They really want to though, she has a 3D wide screen HUGE tv and the Wii, so my son Kevin is like foaming at the mouth to get his hands on that.  LOL So funny how he is with anything electronic.  He just loves it.  I may just do the movie and snacks and then come home.  Although without a car I doubt we can do any of it.  I'm sure the husband is working tonight as well..... AHHHHHHHHHH

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