Friday, March 9, 2012

What day is it?

TGIF!  LOL It's funny how those four letters have changed for me now that I am a Mother, and Wife.  15 years ago, TGIF meant dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking, laughing over really silly jokes thanks to the drinking part.  New outfits once a week, new shoes as soon as the pay check hit the bank account.  Top notch make up, hair was always done, perfect highlights, nails done and without a chip, or a smudge.  Now a days if I'm lucky to find the time to paint my nails, I can almost bet there will be atleast 2 fingers smudged, 1 to 3 will have paint on the cuticles.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  So much about those nights though fun, I do not miss one bit of.  I have to say what I remember most about those times, on the fond end is that I had a great group of girl friends.  There were endless nights of just pure fun.  We were attractive, and always in a cluster.  People who knew us always associated us as a pack.  We had movie night each week at a different persons house.  We'd always do it on a Wednesday so we could watch Ally Mcbeal.  We had nacho cheese Doritos with ranch dip on the side.  Wine, and laughter.  We shopped together, ate out together.  We were inseparable for years.  What I hated most about those times?  Being alone.  I never had a boyfriend throughout those years.  I mean sure I dated, and I had some bad boys I was in a pretend relationship with.  I say pretend, because it was definitely not anything substantial.  They were bad boys in every sense of the word, treated me horrible, and I chased them like a free bird looking for food.  Ridiculous.  All of my girlfriends always had a long term serious relationship.  Usually with a guy I had first admired.  One friend in particular would literally hit on every guy I liked, or even so much as said he was cute.  Funny thing about that pack we had, there's only 3 of us left.  The friendships died with the deejayed nights. 

My new weekend regime, though different, is just as special.  I enjoy nothing more than a lazy Saturday morning, with a hot cup of coffee, the kids sleeping in, and playing at their leisure.  I do not miss those nights from back when even for a moment.  I will admit I miss the primping, and self pampering that I was able to do then.  I also miss being at home with my Mother, and her having coffee with me on Saturday morning, excited to hear all the events that took place the night before.   Because I can only do the "primping" thing once in a while now, I definitely appreciate it all the more.  I don't have the ability to buy new shoes each week, or keep up on the latest outfit trends, but when I am able to shop for clothes, or go to the city for some pampering, it freaking ROCKS!  LOL

I used to be able to stay up well passed 3 am.  Dancing until my feet felt like they were no longer attached to my body.  Now, 930pm is bed time.  I'm definitely more of a night person, as far as preference, but the necessity is to be a day person, so 930 bed time it is. 
Enjoy your Friday!! Whatever it is that makes the T in your TGIF, I hope you are enjoying it!!

God Bless!!

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